Emergency Greenhouse Gas and Methane Release Arresters

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Hydroxyl Dispersal: $5/CO2e removed at scale
Direct Air Capture of GHGS $10/CO2e at scale
Targeted stack CO2 removal $50.00/T at scale

Contact us to discuss your needs. Admin@reductiontech.com

We sell GHG offsets for $20/CO2e with a highly sustainable doublet hydroxyl dispersal method at ReductionTech.com

On October 18, 2019 I received a note from Academia.edu that there were another 800+ papers about geoengineering. This abundant innovation is now ready to be looked at by at least one authoritative, fully financed group acting for the public good. We have the IPCC but they are not mandated to sho...

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Air that has absolutely no GHGs

In order to survive we need methane arresters that at the same time, remove all other gases and pollutants. No other air treatment will do to fight the soon coming runaway global warming caused by a colossal methane burp. Our fate lies in the balance. Order your arrester systems today.

We advise a global movement to set up the arresters to remove all greenhouse gases and reverse the present warming and be prepared for the methane emergency. Contact us today.

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